Saturday, May 31, 2008

New regular venue for the Golden Books Group

We have just started displaying 200-400 antiquarian books at the Barnstaple Barnstaple Pannier Market. The market has been established in the center of Barnstaple since 1855 and is very popular with locals and tourists. We exibit weekly on the Wednesday (Antiques & collectibles day) with four further booksellers who specialise in:
1. Childrens Books (500-600 books)
2. Local interest, Biggles, etc. (300 books)
3. Art books, General (500-700 books)
4. New paperbacks (500 books)

The market starts at about 8am and ends between 2 and 3pm. Please contact us on (01271) 883204 if you would like further information.

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Ivan Golden said...

We are now also exhibiting weekly at the antiques and collectors fair in Tiverton's pannier market every Monday (8am-2pm). A similar stock of 300-500 Victorian/Edwardian books are on display. Similar to Barnstaple, please let us know if you would like to see any items listed on the website.

Books, maps and postcards relating to Tiverton/Barnstaple would be considered. Antiquarian (esp. leather bound) books wanted.

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