Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some blogging highlights 2009 part 3

The next post up for my blogging highlights is a bit odd in that the interesting idea it starts is also abandoned. It is nonetheless interesting for that. Kristen at We Be Reading decided to start a re-reading challenge as so many of her followers seemed to read their books only once. Unfortunately this was confirmed by the fact that so few people participated in her challenge that she decided to abandon it.

I am a firm believer in re-reading. I would be. As a student and a teacher I spent a great part of my life reading a re-reading and re-reading again the same volumes, and I never tire of a good novel, how ever often I do this. As a bookseller of course I like people re-reading old favourites as it means they are often buying out of print books!
If you wonder what you would get out of re-reading then have a read of Kristen's posts on the subject and if you're interested then follow We Be Reading as she says that she will try again with the challenge in the spring when people might have more time. For further inspiration there is a good re-reading review on Shelf Love here.

My own favourite re-read is Middlemarch by George Eliot. I read it once every three years or so. It is about time I started it again. Comfort reads are often good re-reads such as old children's favourite (the Jill books, or Follyfoot, Honor Arundel's Emma books all spring to mind).
Do you have a favourite re-read?


GeraniumCat said...

Apart from, predictably, Jane Austen, my favourite re-reads Elizabeth Goudge and Dodie Smith, and Bleak House. But I am a compulsive re-reader, and the core of my book collection - the books I've catalogued on LibraryThing - has a high proportion of books read more than once, or kept because I expect to read them again. You can imagine that secondhand bookshops hold a fatal attraction for me because I am always rediscovering old friends.

Juxtabook said...

I haven't read any Elizabeth Gouge, or Dodie Smith (apart form the Dalmations) - I must try them.

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