Friday, February 12, 2010

Tweeting booksellers

I have been on twitter for a while as Juxtabook but last week I started a twitter account for ibooknet too. A number of ibooknet booksellers already had twitter acounts but as a result of our chats about twitter several more sellers have started tweeting.

Don't let the media hype about twitter put you off, if you haven't tried it, it is a useful place for picking up information. It is not compulsory to follow celebrities! One of our members, new to twitter this week, has written a post on his own blog about the usefullness of twitter. You can read Philip Lund's thoughts here.

So who might you follow if you were interested in books?

The British Library
Olympia Book Fair
Seven Stories
(children's book illustration museum)

WW1 Poetry Archive

Booksellers inlcluding:

Blair Bookshop
Tall Stories
Farm Lane Books
Book Shop Sara

Authors including:

Michael Rosen
Paul Magrs
Aliya Whiteley
Marcus Sedgwick
Evie Wyld

Publishing folk including:

Eoin Purcell
Gallic Books
To Hell With Emma
Virago Books
Aliya Whiteley
Victorian Secrets
Oleanderman (Guardian of Whipplesnaith's Night Climbers of Cambridge)

And of course Ibooknet sellers:

March House Books
Books & Bygones
Stephen Foster
A Book for All Reasons
C L Hawley (aka Juxtabook)
Jane Badger Books aka Books, Mud and Compost
Lund Theological Books
Peakirk Books



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