Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bookdealing birthdays

Two members are celebrating trade milestones this month.

Jane Badger tells her own story on her blog Books, Mud and Compost of how she began buying and selling. She also has a lovely celebratory pony image on her website Jane Badger Books and details of The Pony Books Competition - test your pony book knowledge with 80 questions on everything from colours to characters. The top scorer will win a £50 book token for her site, and also there is a special offer of 10% off all orders on the sales site for a month!

The Dolphin Summer by Monica Edwards shown is a Children's Book Club edition of one of Edward's rarer titles sold by Jane Badger Books.

It is ten years since C L Hawley (me!) started trading. After struggling to find academic books when doing an MA whilst living in a rural backwater I began tentatively buying and selling used and recently out of print literary criticism in July 2000. The first book I sold was Seamus Heaney by fellow poet Blake Morrison. I gave up the day job nine years ago and joined Ibooknet the same year. I sell from my own site C L Hawley Books and blog at Juxtabook. To celebrate this month I have special offers on my website and on Juxtabook so do please visit.

The book shown is the first publication of The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh, published in the literary and arts periodical Horizon, edited by Cyril Connolly and available from C L Hawley Books.

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