Thursday, October 21, 2010

Campaign for Real Books

A Campaign for Real Books has been launched. It aims to support the book trade in the UK, both new books and secondhand, online shops and bricks and mortar.

As a member you'll receive a simple paper CAMBO card entitling you to 10% discount when you spend over £10 at independent bookshops. It's a book token that works all year round; it's valid in both new and second hand bookshops and when you buy one it will enables the campaign to do all this and more:

•support new and secondhand independent bookshops across the UK

•campaign to save threatened bookshops and libraries

•support independent printers, publishers, papermakers, binders, private presses and all those whose livelihoods depend on paper books

•hold and sponsor book fairs, literary festivals and other events

•organise prizes for authors, shops, independent publishers, designers, illustrators and others associated with the book trade

•develop our website with news, views, interviews, links to shops, books for sale and much, much more

Plus you'll get free or discounted admission to all CAMBO events, a newsletter and more!

You can start showing your support by pre-registering today - and when you do, you'll receive an extra two months' membership free, meaning your CAMBO card will save money on books this Christmas and next!

Ibooknet sellers who have signed up to offer a CAMBO discount include:

A Book for All Reasons

C L Hawley

Stephen Foster

March House Books

Aucott & Thomas

Amwell Book Company

Bailey Hill Book Shop

Jane Badger Books

East Riding Books

Marijana Dworski Books

Books & Bygones


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