Friday, March 23, 2012

Top 10 kids' book blogs

Ibooknet member Barbara of March House Books has had her book blog listed in Tesco's Top 10 kids' book blogs.

Of Barbara's blog they say:

This beautiful blog is brimming with stunning illustrations that make it easy to lose an hour scrolling through. Bobby, the blogger, is a book dealer who specialises in vintage illustrations. She treats us to the gorgeous images from 1920s tales of little girls going to finishing school or exerts from Cecil Aldin’s 1905 “A Gay Dog”.

We're not surprised as March House Book Blog is one of the prettiest blogs around.

Also listed are the inspirational Playing by the Book and An Awfully Big Blog Adventure which is the joint effort of some wonderful children's authors.


Barbara Fisher March House Books said...

I've only just found this, thank you so much!

Sharon Souter said...

Barbara's blog is fabulous. It is so nice to see this here!

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