Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

It is that brief time of the year between Christmas decorations coming down in the shops and the Easter eggs appearing. For a couple of short weeks the windows of our high streets will be dominated by red hearts and flowers, chocolates and bears with silly messages attached, and other fluffy clichés.

For a slightly different card or gift this Valentine's Day your independent bookseller might have the answer.

For a more sophisticated take on the Valentine's Day card what about these unusual cards from Marijana Dworski? This one is “Thousand and One Nights” inspired by 1900s Spanish Modernista movement:

Barbara at March House Books has some rather different vintage cards: This cute card is a Valentine for a teacher:

Barbara has some other lovely vintage cards which you can view here, here and here.

If you're looking for a romantic gift then Charlotte in Love : The Courtship and Marriage of Charlotte Brontë is available as a signed hardback from CL Hawley Books:

Also available is Auden in Love : The Intimate Story of a Lifelong Love Affair, a memoir of the relationship between Auden and the American Chester Kallman.

Another sweet idea is an appropriate book of poetry. How about Elizabethan Love Lyrics:

or Love Poems on the Underground, both suitable for the cash-strapped, are also available from CL Hawley.

Another unusual gift is this charming music score from March House BooksWhy Don't You Fall in Love with Me?:

March House Books also have some fun picture book titles including Cupid and True Love both by Babette Cole.

And if you must buy chocolates and roses, they're available in book form too. Orangeberry Books have a nice copy of The Love of Roses : From Myth to Modern Culture, signed by the illustrator, and there are lots of books about chocolate at Books and Bygones.


So many books, so little time said...

I love Valentines day, not so much the commercialized side of it. However the meal, candles, a nice bath and or romantic book.

We usually get some kind of token gift but I am not sure what I with go with as he isn't a big reader.

I love the teacher card, I forgot about them and used to love making them as a youngster.


Juxtabook said...

That sounds like a lovely evening Lainy. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Heather Lawrence said...

What lovely ideas. So much more original and romantic than the usual things. Thanks for the suggestions. Heather

Pratiksha Jadhav said...

Glad I found this post. It’s really awesome.These are lovely ideas thanks for sharing.There are many first night gift idea to share that will be memorable for your lifetime.

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