Friday, November 20, 2009

A Bookseller's View of Waterstone's Marketplace

Lynn of Bailey Hill Bookshop, Somerset, reflects on the newest website for secondhand books.

Much to our amazement we have been listed on the Waterstones Secondhand Books site as their bookshop of the month. We were unaware of this until Catherine (aka Juxtabook) brought it to our attention.

We did agree to more exposure on an Alibris blurb a few weeks ago and this seems to be the result. It looks to us as if the order would placed with Waterstones and placed through to Alibris. We have had increased sales through Alibris recently including some expensive books. Really when you think about it people might be more likely to search a Waterstone's site as they may well not know about Alibris.

We had no control over the books they choose to display on this site, and we have many much nicer books than they have displayed but if we get increased sales so much the better.

You can view Bailey Hill Bookshop on ibooknet here.

1 comment:

Jane Badger said...

I wondered how Waterstones had built up such a large stock of secondhand booksellers so quickly, but that does explain it!

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