Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween presents?

A thought struck me the other day: do people buy Halloween presents, and if not, why not?

So many of what were once relatively minor dates in the liturgical calendar seem to have grown in importance since my youth and are now celebrated in all manner of ways. Halloween is one such and is almost universal; why not encourage the exchange of presents at Halloween as happens at the major events of Christmas and Easter?

I'm all for including Halloween and don't mind a bit if I'm setting a precedent. It's a long time between Easter and Christmas, especially for a child, and it will help to bridge that celebration desert somewhat. Several ibooknet members have what might be considered very suitable halloween gifts.

To get you in the Halloween mood try C. L. Hawley for an article about Dracula in the Critical Quarterly, Ghost Stories are being offerered by Orangeberry Books and by  G. A. Michael Sims who also has a particularly gross title about the gibbet called 'Hanging in Chains', and recipes for Pumpkin Soup and possibly even toffee apples can be found at Books & Bygones.
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