Friday, December 30, 2016

Georgette Heyer’s ‘An Infamous Army’

In the original 1937 edition of Georgette Heyer’s ‘An Infamous Army’ there is an ‘author’s note’ in which she refers to the bibliography at the end of the book listing over fifty accounts, collections of letters, autobiographies, etc. of Wellington and his campaigns which helped her in her writing about the man and the period.

In the final paragraph of this note, which has been dropped from later issues of the title, she acknowledges the source of the endpaper illustrations of the ‘Position of the Armies of Wellington and Napoleon in front of Waterloo’ as from the respective histories of events by Capt. William Siborne and W. B. Craan, and of the folding ‘Sketch Map of the Anglo-Allied Cantonments’ as from the fourth volume of the account of the campaign by Col. F. De Bas.

Although the book is a novel the authenticity of the background account of the Battle of Waterloo is undisputed, as endorsed by contemporary reviews in the Times Literary Supplement’s “The meaning of the opening moves of the campaign is better grasped than in some historical accounts…” and in the Daily Mail’s “One of the clearest and most balanced accounts in English of the Hundred Days…”, with many thanks to Jennifer Kloester for the references, in ‘Georgette Heyer – Biography of a Bestseller’, Heinemann, 2011.

It seems sad to me that Heinemann, and subsequent publishers, dropped that final paragraph of the author’s note and the two plans which had appeared in the original edition and which the author had thought would enhance the story for her readers.

To fulfill the presumed wishes of the author I am happy to present below, for readers of those later editions, the map and plan as they appear in my copy of the first edition of Georgette Heyer’s ‘An Infamous Army’.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Norfolk Summer Fair

Jeff and Heather Lawrence of Peakirk Books are organising this year's Norfolk Summer Book Fair. A fair with a difference, this year not only can you browse hundreds and hundreds of beautiful books, you will also have rare access to some of the rooms in one of the country's most important Arts and Crafts houses:

"This year, our Norfolk Summer Book Fair will be held in Voewood House, a beautifully restored, early 1900s property that has been voted England’s favourite Arts and Crafts House in the Eastern Region by Country Life Magazine. The book fair will be held within the house with exclusive use of four-interconnecting rooms on the ground floor. These are the magnificent hall, music room, dining room and the games room. In conjunction with the book fair, there will be an Art, Antique & Vintage Fair, which will be held in a marquee set in the private garden to the rear of the house. *The entrance fee to Voewood House includes admission to the PBFA book fair, admission to the Antiques & Vintage Fair and access to the designated private gardens and woodland.*. Accompanied by delicious, locally sourced food with on-site catering, it promises to be a great day out for all the family."

Some interesting highlights on the PBFA website include a Mabel Lucie Attwell illustrated volume of Hand Christian Anderson stories offered by Peakirk Books, a book of Peter Blake alphabets signed by Peter Blake offered by David Maynard, and a signed copy of After a Funeral by Diana Athill offered by Michael Sweeney Books.
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